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Tentsile Experience ”Night in the tree”
Green Eco Camp in Nuuksio Noux Finland

We have opened a new Eco Camp in the Nuuksio area, which will be the most ecological carbon footprint friendly site in the world. It is the greenest area for Eco Camp and is called ”Night in the Tree”. It is a very ecological way to experience nature via a new experiential tree tent experience ”Night in the Tree”. Eco Camp creates a unique link in with nature and the environment.

Book your Summer Night now!

Place: Nuuksio Noux, Eco Camp -area
Meeting point: Hotel Nuuksio at 5 pm

Days available this summer

2.-4.9./ 9.-11.9/ 16-18.9./ 23.-25.9.

1-2 prs for 2 prs Connect Tree Tentsile tree tent 150 EUR

2-3 prs for 3 prs Stingray Tree Tentisle  tree tent   240 EUR

The event is carried out if the participants are at least three tent.

Prices including:
- Transfer from hotel Nuuksio to Eco Camp area and return  transfer to hotel for breakfast
- Tentsile Tent
- Sleeping bag
- Breakfast at Hotel Nuuksio 
- Campfire firewoods 

- Bottled water
- Eco toilet

For dark summer nights the light is given by Luminaid solar lamp. Disaster areas and for harsh environments designed and highly durable LuminAID. Inflatable, light and natural light rechargeable LED sensor lamp for Tentsile-night.
The lighting time of 30 hours at a low setting, total four  settings: extra bright, high, low and flashing emergency. 
Charging time 7-10 hours to download even on cloudy days.

Extra services 20 euros
- Evening snack basket: Spring water, sausages, mustards, sandwich, tea, chokolate, napkins

Events/Activities in Nuuksio area:
Possibility of swimming in the pond of Kolmoislampi
Marked hiking trails start near Eco Camping area
Haltia, the Finnish Nature Centre, where you can find marvellous exhibition of the Finnish nature. Haltia is located 5 km from the Eco Camp Area

Hotel Nuuksio, is located 5 km from the Eco Camp Area 

Arrival to hotel Nuuksio at 5 pm. Transfer to EcoCamp area by Honkalintu Ltd. Return transfer to hotel next morning at 9 am for breakfast.

In Nuuksio area you can enjoy by....
- hiking
- swimming

Some of the oldest trees of Nuuksio National Park grow in the vicinity of Lake Kolmoislampi and it has extremely beautiful nature. The hiking trails go through magnificent rocky hills along several ponds and bare hills.

More information about Nuuksio National Park, please visit:

In July and August are the best season in the Finnish summer. The air temperature is around 19-25 celcius and the water in the lakes is around 20 celcius. Some warm rainy days may include.

How to reach Hotel Nuuksio:

Required equipment:
You need clothes and shoes according to the weather conditions. The needed equipment for staying overnight mentioned above.


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Palvelut: Hotel Nuuksio:
Liikenneyhteydet: Public Transportation

Bus number 238KT from Espoo, Leppävaara | www.reittiopas.fi
Ajo-ohje: How to reach us

From the direction of Helsinki: When driving from Helsinki on Turku
Highway, exit at the NUPURI/ÄMMÄSSUO junction onto Nupurintie road
(the so called Vanha Turuntie road) and continue towards Veikkola.
Turn on Siikajärventie road (SIIKAJÄRVI), and finally turn left on
Naruportintie road (SIIKARANTA 2 km). There are street signs on
Nupurintie road to guide you to Hotel Nuuksio.

From the direction of Turku: When driving from Turku on Turku
Highway, exit at the VEIKKOLA junction and continue from the Veikkola
roundabout towards BEMBÖLE onto Nupurintie road (the so called Vanha
Turuntie road and towards Helsinki). Turn on Siikajärventie road
(SIIKAJÄRVI), and finally turn left on Naruportintie road (SIIKARANTA
2 km). There are street signs on Nupurintie road to guide you to
Hotel Nuuksio.
NB. Insert Kirkkonummi as the city when using a navigator.
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